Downstairs bathroom in rental

Hi, first post on here. First off I have so many questions. So I’ll take a deep breath. I bought a 1950’s house to live in with the view to rent it out in a couple of years.
It’s 4 bedroom ex council house. House is located in the north of England (not that people
Up here have a different preference but thought might want to now) Abit shabby currently but I’m going through it. Now it has a downstairs bathroom. Everyone I speak to (people who have never lived in a house like this) have said it’s silly, stupid and not the ‘norm’ or will devalue the property long term (which is important) and won’t be desirable to tenants. Is this true? Now you have to understand the house has an upstairs W/C. So toilet duties during the night aren’t inconvenienced. My family say sacrifice a bedroom and make it 3 bed with upstairs bathroom. Would it rent out for the same? Would upstairs bathroom and 1 less bedroom even out on rental income?
I have planned to build an extension myself (all 100percent legal and above board) unlike anything that has been done to this house previously. This means I cut labour costs and just materials. It will be a good return boosting the house value by 30k for a 12k outlay. The plan means the house will have a dining room (to accommodate the 4 bed capacity) still a downstairs toilet/bathroom and an upstairs W/c but also a utility room. What are your thoughts please. I wanted a quick kind of rent on this BUT the space doesn’t work. The fridge and all appliances are in a lean to conservatory which the foundations are fxcked and it’s leaking and glass blown etc. (house is fine). The bathroom currently is only 1 door off the kitchen which is not compliant. Honestly I don’t know how this was even rented out sockets have gotten hot and melted and just left it’s abit of a mess :joy:.
Please can I have your guys opinions. I have a lovelly 3 bed semi I rent out in my home town so not an entire newbie but really need advice on this particular house I’m in now. Please ask me more questions.

We had a two bed in the North with a downstairs bathroom and not a problem at all renting it out.

I think people very quickly get used to it and don’t even think about it.

Suppose the only thing with a bigger house and subsequently more people is that after taking a bath you have to go through the house possibly passing other people to get dressed from a bedroom or take your clothes into the bathroom, but easy to develop a new routine.

Thankyou for your opinion. Would you extend for 12k adding a value of 30k even if the rent is only 80 a month more? I’m living here and work 4on 4 off so for at least 3 days I could be doing the extension. Seems like a no brainier. The house will always be worth more. It will be the best in the street. And the highest house sold for 130k. 2 years ago so likely more due to than having inferior extension.

Not sure I am the best person for the answer but think @Colin3 would probably have good knowledge…

From the experience I did have, as new landlords we did the house up far too well for the area. The extra (small amount) we were able to command in rent really did not cover the extra we spent on the refurbishment and I am wondering if this would be the case with your conservatory.

May possibly be better to put the Conservatory in after tenants have left and you are re-doing the repairs needed to put it up for sale.

I know on paper this might not make sense as you would think even clawing back £80 pm is something towards it but depending on any damage it might cost you more than whatever you have gained, to repair the structure, than if you added it after their departure.

If you are going to make it really special would you consider flipping it instead?

With us, at the end of three years the fully tiled bathroom with the expensive tiles needed re-tiling and total redecoration, kitchen worktop needed replacing, (as well as all rooms needing redecoration, and all manner of other things they had broken like the bespoke carpentry.

Do not do up a place to rent to such a manner that it is far above the value of other houses /flats in the area. Only you can determine this… keep it on a par with others places or slightly higher. A downstairs bathroom is not a problem .Can you fit an en suite upstars?

Thankyou for your points. Things to consider, I have no tenants in their now as I live in it currently. And it would be much more than a conservatory it would be bricks and mortar extension so would stand the tests of time. I hear you about high spec finishes being ruined and needing to be replaced so I’ll bear that in mind also. I’ll enjoy the extension myself until I move out. I would be doing the extension myself which renovation the rest of the property like you say. So no ‘loss of rent’ as such. I also hear the comment about making it too nice for the area. I do believe good honest hard working people respectful people are struggling to find houses they can afford to rent so they are coming into any areas within the town. But on the other hand I could have a nightmare tenant. All the new fixtures will be off the shelf average quality and easily replaceable. I would consider selling it for the extra profit but 20k isn’t worth it to me with my current plans. I only want 3 rentals max. And at 26 I’ve still got abit of time.

Hi there. Thanks for your input. I completely hear you. The spec won’t be too nice for the area. But the size will end up being better than average. Infact there are some properties that have had similar extensions (20 +years ago) so old and dated now. Which is why I said it would probably be the best in the street of this style upon completion.
As for an en suite upstairs I specified it already has a W/c upstairs, totalling 2 toilets in the house. So although not an en-suite. It’s more useable for the 4 bedrooms. Just doesn’t have a shower etc and no way of fitting one without loosing a bedroom.
You have to go downstairs for a bath and shower. And my extension (keeping the 4 bed + toilet capacity upstairs but expanding living areas downstairs to compensate will still include a downstairs bathroom albeit new, and fresh), Not mouldy, dated and covered In upvc panelling that’s hanging off. I think if it’s fresh and clean no-one will think twice about a downstairs bathroom if they also have an upstairs toilet.

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Wish I was 26 again!!

I will settle for 56 again

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