Editing a reference once submitted?

Hi :wave:

Just wanted to know if anyone knows how to reopen a reference that has been completed and submitted?

One of my applicants has forgotten to include his employer details and I want his income and employment verified. Still passed references despite this error!

Solution: Do your own referencing. Iโ€™ve tried OR and others in the past. As you have found, not worth it.

Hi Halstead,
Did you find a resolution. I submitted the reference check and did it wrong so failed. Now I canโ€™t go back and edit it. Does anyone know how you can go back and change it. My ClearScore rating is mid 900s, but OpenRent have come back with a different ClearScore of mid 600s.
Any help appreciated,

Thanks. I had already started referencing and wanted to know how to reopen it once started. I chased OR and they did reopen and it was fine.

I messaged OR and they reopened the reference and the tenant was able to complete it and it was then reviewed again. I messaged on the chat feature and emailed them too.

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