Employer Reference

Has anyone had issues with Reference Checks, in particular their employer not receiving contact from Open Rent.

How did you resolve this as I feel Open Rent seem to be blaming the employer for the issue.

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Yes I have been having exactly the same issues for the last few days. My tenant says his employer has filled in the employment reference 3 times. Openrent say they have not received anything and all they continue to do is to resend the online employment reference - this of course is not resolving the issues.

There is no way to directly speak to the Tenant referencing team at openrent. Repeated requests to ask someone to call you back are ignored. I even lodged a formal complaint but nothing has happened

I am now waiting for Openrent to resolve the issue and have suggested that they get the references by email instead. I have provided them with an email address as well as a phone number of the employer. Let’s see if they do anything!

Sorry to hear that you as a landlord are having this issue. I know my employer is not getting the emails as the it flags as a phishing email - our IT team will not release it for obvious reasons.

I changed the email address and sent it to my personal one, this worked fine but my employer has filled it in and the dashboard doesnt say they have. hopefully im not going to have the same issue as you are having.

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