EICR and EPC reports through Openrent

Hi all, I ordered an EICR report and an EPC report through Open rent. My house is 5 bed with an annex (1 bed) attached with a separate entrance. (Which I rent out). I ticked box 6 bed house openrent, because I thought I only needed 1 EPC and 1 EICR and there were no other boxes to tick.
The EPC man came and pointed out that I needed 2 reports. 1 for the flat and 1 for the house. I could not call his firm there and then to pay the extra. I rearranged and they came another day and completed the report. Many thnks. I now have 2 reports for the EPC.
The same thing happened for the EICR, (£210) he came said the same thing tested the flat and said you will have to go online and pay the extra etc. I paid another £174. I asked if I was going to get 2 reports and the 2nd technician said yes. I was sent the report for the flat but no house report.
I call around and a 1 bed flat EICR report should cost around £130. Not £384.
In the report for the flat the pictures are of 2 fuse boards with loads of sockets and light circuits, funny that in a 1 bed flat. The fuse board to the house is marked up as the flat and the flat fuse board is listed.
I booked this through openrent and both company wont answer my calls let alone emails.
When I leave feedback it wont be good.
Your thought please.

sounds like a rip off They should be a member of an electrical association. Complain to them

Yes I am having problem eith Open rents epc they’ve take the money and not even contacted me for over a month depite many requests. DO NOT USE THEM THEY SEEM TO BE A SCAM