EICR regulations

I’m new to this, picking up on managing a rental on behalf of my dad. I am getting the property ready to start looking for a new tenant. We have an EICR which was satisfactory and dated Feb 2021 with recommendation for re-test in 5 years. It had two C3 recommendations (not sure if these have been done - need to check).
Q1: Do I need to get a new EICR before we get a new tenant or is the existing one fine until 2026?
Q2: If the C3 recommendations have not been addressed, do I need to get them sorted and then a new EICR to show they have?
Thanks for advice!

Q1. The current EICR is valid until 2025

Q2. The C3 recommendations don’t need immediate action. The EICR has been issued so the C3 wasn’t deemed to be unsafe. It usually states this in the small print on the certificate.


I think @Chris meant 2026 and I would agree.

Yes I did mean 2026.