EICR and Gas Safety Certificate

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I’m soon to complete on my 2nd BTL property, it has a tenant insitu who is planning on staying for another 6 months. Do I need to get EICR and gas safety checks done once I complete, given that it’s an existing tenant and the solicitor has forwarded copies of the existing paperwork? Or can I wait until the anniversary date of each or when new tenants move in, whichever is sooner?

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You need to check how long each existing cert has left to run. You don’t necessarily need new certs at this point if they’re ok.

Actually, this is the tip of the iceberg if you’re buying a tenanted property. There is a lot of due diligence to do on the property, the tenancy and the tenant. This website is a good start: 10 questions to ask when buying a tenanted property | Vesta Blog (vestaproperty.com)

There are also some recent posts on this forum with further tips.

Hi David

Yes I read that really useful checklist and thankfully it’s all been covered.The EICR was 2019 and gas check June 2021, so that will need doing soon, but it just suddenly occurred to me… actually should I be getting both done? Hopefully I’m completing on Monday so just having a last minute “moment”!

Thanks for clarifying.


I think you should get them done. I bought a property with tenant in situ last august - 2021. The EICR is valid for few more years but I decided to order one myself. Lo and behold, it failed. mice have eaten one of the cables at the floor above the bathroom. I got a C1 because it was a high risk. Although it got rectified on the spot but the electrician found other C2 related stuff he didn’t touch.

Long story short, got unsatisfactory report and booked in remedial work. Painful chasing it up

My advice is get one done yourself , make sure you are around when the electrician comes to do the work so you have the chance to at least get him to fix issues same day and pay. Booking remedial work is a pain,

Not sure where you are, I have used different companies in the past for my different properties, i give jobs to mostly a one-man company. I know he will be willing to sort the issue same day

An EICR can’t last more than 5 years now anyway??