EICR report for existing tenant before July 2020

So when the rule says 1st of april 2021 it will apply to all tenancies meaning even for the existing one. is that right?

yes that is correct you need the elec report

thanks, so you are saying at the moment my existing tenancy started before 1st July 2020 doesn’t need it but 1st of April next year anyone that has people in their rental flat new or old will need to get this done?

If your existing tenancy expires before 1 April next year and its just a regular fixed term tenancy, then you will need one before the periodic tenancy arises.

Hi Thanks for your info, so it is a 12 month contact with rolling attached it, so what happens if it expires after April? can I carry on do nothing or I need to get it whatever the situation is?

April is the final deadline for everyone, no matter what the circumstances