EICR report questions

hard wiring is the best

“No smoke alarm to property” Really & the agent was happy to let it out. That’s illegal isn’t it?

Re the suggestions above to get 2 or 3 quotes for EICR: I have just paid £140 for a report which comes up with a few C2 & C3. The quote to remedy them & issue certificate is £600.
As others have said, it’s a shady area where people with no knowledge of electrics (me!) can easily be taken for a ride. I would like to get a second quote based on this report - but is that ‘ethical’ or are you supposd to go with the electrician who issued the report?
Can i send the report to another EICR qualified electrician for a quote?
Thanks in advance for any tips

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I don’t think the reports can really be sent onto another electrician. Most likely another electrician will not sign off on someone else’s work. Therefore another report would need to be done incurring further costs. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t…current legislation definitely favours tenants.

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I did wonder about that. Thanks for the advice —— yes, we are indeed damned!

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I am using different electricians for different properties and having re wired many places in the past i will think about who is the best. Who tries to blag me and who has the best price

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All electricians are on a gravy train with the EICR thing. They know LL are against it and they are making hay while the sun shines. Just spent £2000 on upgrading 6 properties that need to be done that he did in around 2 days with £400 in materials. Not much choice unfortunately. Still only once every 5 years.

I have written to the NRLA regarding this matter and ask them to address NICEIC advice to electrician on renewing at tenancy and rewriting the legislation
I would be grateful if you all write to the NRLA too
Power is in numbers

I have too and have urged other members to do the same. I hope they do get around to doing it.

The faults listed should be fixed £600 not that bad if including parts. They do need to make a living. and all tax deductible in the end.

I used to do electrical work to pay to get me through university. ( a long time ago) I find I have to micro manage the first few jobs after that trades people are fine with me they know I know what there doing and stop trying it on.

Your not alone with your dilemma. I have just had completed my property with electrical test certification. The electrician had said it was not with much concern as per rule he should have asked me and do the C1 remedial work on the spot ( with additional payment of course) Then the EICR report came after 6 days showing C1, C2 and C3 faults. The cost for remedial work £980.00. ( excluding ECIR cost) I need to look for second opinion as this is an absurd price.
As I see it appear to be happening is that some electricians are quoting a cut price test but “topping” their income up with so called “remedial work” so the electrician who quotes cheap for the initial certification gets the job but then can become the most expensive with the add one cost.


please do not take property managing agents words for anything. i need advice wonder if anyone can help. in my lease it states that the EICP report will be made by an NICEIC electrician. the managing agents undertook to do this work for me and quoted me a price which i agreed. the EIPC was not performed by an electician registered with the NICEIC when i checked on their web site. he is only registered with them to carry out installations. the agents say they checked him out and saw his registration card for NIECE - were they negligent that they did not check with NIECE that he was registered to do a EICP report. as the agents act for 1,500 landlords i can see serious issues when landlords make claims for insurance purposes. would appreciate any comments and advice.


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Sounds like they were negligent, yes.