Electrical / Gas / PAT certificates


My tenants are due to move out in October 2022 and I am hopeful to have new tenants in by November 2022… Can anyone tell me whether I have to have another gas, electrical and PAT test done, even though my current certificates don’t run out until May 2023.

I’m just not sure if I have to have the tests done again because new tenants are moving in…

Thanks All

you have answered your own question .They run out in May 2023

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Ok great thankyou, just wasn’t sure if I had to have new certs done because there new tenants…

some electricians will tell you this is so but they are the greedy ones’ The cert s are on the property not the tenant


Completely correct. I checked this with NICEIC when the electrician who did my EICR said that I should get a new one done for every new tenant. It is not necessary.


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