Emergency Cover

Currently I am the emergency contact for my tenant and I am very responsive between 7.30am and 11pm. However do I need to have emergency cover 24hrs hours a day for extreme issues say if the boiler blows up or the house gets broken into or the water starts to leak. My tenant has just asked me and I wondered what other landlords do. Thanks

Unless you use one of those awful insurance companies, who promise everything and deliver nothing, I think you are being reasonable with cover. after all they are adults and can deal with emergencies themselves. I would suggest giving them the numbers of tradesmen that you would contact yourself for emergencies, but make it very clear in writing, that must make every effort to reach you first and at the very least send a text message saying what has happened and what they have done.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply and I will take your advise, sounds good.

I agree with Jennifer, but was reluctant to give my view until someone else provided one as I am a first time landlord. I have named a person to handle emergency requests in my absence, but feel that so called common sense should prevail. I have in addition provided my home insurance details, although my tenants seem to lose the paperwork I give them! Hopefully this helps. have a successful and peaceful 2020.

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