Employed and unemployed partners

I have a a dr tenant non uk citizen with right to work in uk 1 year full time employment. His wife is unemployed.
Both checks are ok
Should I put contract in his name or on both?
Should i insist on guarantor?
If he leaves during the tenancy his partner is unemployed how do i go about this ?

Absolutely ask for a guarantor, no guarantor no rental. Do full due diligence on guarantor ie bank statements etc.

I have asked for 2 months advance
My question is after the initial 2 months do they pay for the next 2 months or just one

You need to be careful that you dont create a tenancy with a 2 month period instead of monthly. You should take rent monthly after the first 2 months.

Ok, me and the tenant understanding was 2months payment every 2 months

So that may alter the notice period. You should get legal advice.

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