Employment reference issues

Hi all,
Has anyone been in the situation where your employer refuses to fill in the openrent form? I won’t for a big company and due to company policy they will only send tenancy references via a letter confirming my employment. They have sent it directly to openrent so I hope they have received it. Does anyone have any advice or been in this situation? I can’t be the first who works for a big company that won’t reply to external forms

There are now loads of forum posts about this, so hopefully Openrent will soon start making an alternative means of submitting references a lot clearer.

I’ve just done a search and you’re right. It seems bigger companies only do letters. Hopefully I can get this sorted

Hi, did you manage to sort this as I am currently having the same issue.

Sadly no. My HR went back and forth with openrent and got a link to upload the letter apparently. Although the referencing then said declined. And when the report was produced there was no sign of the letter and all it said was I failed the referencing. For me I was able to just send my landlord my contract and proof of my employment and that was suffice. You’ll probably have to talk with your landlord as seems openrent clearly need to update their system.

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