Employment Referencing

My company replied that, due to company policy, they will not fill the OpenRent online form for employment referencing; instead, they email a pdf which shows my employment details (salary and employment period). However, OpenRent said they only accept the online form for reference check.

I get stuck here. I have no idea what I can do to proceed the rental process…

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Talk to the landlord. We all know about “computer says no!”
The LL needs to be convinced nobody else.

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Please make sure that you check the company reference by yourself including online search.
I used the Openrent -RentGuard referencing and the employment reference was fraud. I found only when the tenant created the problems after the tenancy and when I was checked the company was dormant, the owner of the company was struck off lawyer etc. The RentGuard was not helpful.

You will need reference from the referencing company if you take the rent insurance policy.

But for my own satisfaction I do online search of the prospective tenant in more details, LinkedIn, social media etc

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Carl and Prafula, thank you for your advice :slight_smile:


I am having the same issue and sent an email to open rent too to raise this concern but no answer from them yet.

Not sure that sending an email to the landlord will move the process forward as the contract needs to be signed on this platform. Any advice on how to speed up the process with open rent?


Hi @Angela36,

I found a useful advice here, you may have a look. Hope this help :wink:

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