Empty Property. Worried to rent it

Just had old tenants move out.
Nice people.been with me many years.

I’m worried to rent it to new people given the current government policy.

Is anyone else in the same boat worried to rent an empty property at the moment?


That would certainly be my worry on OpenRent - sometimes the Letting Agents do provide a bit of extra security on that front, but of course at a cost… That’s my humble opinion anyway!

Hi, I’ve managed to rent out 2 properties during the lockdown. Both properties were empty and had been professionally cleaned/disinfected. Social distancing rules were maintained throughout viewings and of course there’s always video viewings, plus the contract process is all online anyway. It’s taken a lot longer than normal due to waiting for previous tenants to move out, as well as lower levels of interest / market activity, however as long as you’re able to maintain current health guidelines, I think you’re ok to rent. Good luck!


Hi Daniel, totally understandable to be concerned about letting at the moment.

This week the government effectively lifted the lockdown for the lettings industry, so as long as the safety guidelines are followed, everything should be ok.

Here’s more info:

I’m not sure why your worried. Iv worked part ti mmb e for years topped up by UC. I have never bad any problems lo saying my rent. Uc is much more reliable income than the old system. My reference can provide info. Iv never missed a payment or paid late.

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because you cannot see from a landlords perspective.

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My friends are landlords. They used to be against taking people in on any type of benefit due to how bad the system was. I shown them my login and how it works and your never behind with your rent. Iv been on UC since it started it was ricky when began. But now they realise its more guaranteed and have started taking ppl in in UC.


Sorry to jump into the conversation, unfortunately, good tenants sometimes do not have all the perfect criteria but it does not mean that they are a bad tenant.

My situation, for example, I always live in luxury places but unfortunately circumstance changes, My credit score went from excellent to poor in less than a year.

I have poor credit, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take care of my house, or pay my rent on time, it was my ex-partner who used my credit cards for his business (very high) and refused to continue paying after we separate. I had no other option other than doing any IVA, so I could start again, I work, study and receive UC.

my references were rejected over Openrent at the time I rent my current property, but my landlord still trusted me and rented anyway and I never let him down. even now where everyone is concern about rent, UC gives enough to pay my rent in full.

Now, I am going back again look for new property and I am terrified to go through the references again.


well you should get a good landlord reference for a start. you can prove you always paid the rent, that should go a long way

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Just got two key workers move in to my rental property having advertised before and during covid. 100 enquiries over many months and at lockdown decided I was lucky it was empty but took a video to show anyone interested. During lockdown got two very good potential couples and chose key workers. Lots of people wanted the house on a temporary basis without disclosing this. Found out when seen their adverts on gumtree. Taking other landlords advice I didn’t panic, didn’t reduce my criteria and found what appear to be very suitable tenants. Definately think if I bought another rental having a garden outdoor space would be an essential selling point

Outdoor space communal garden or even a decent backyard all good . Also decent parking

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Can’t understand why you’re worried. They’ve shown ages ago that the virus dies after about 3 hours on a surface. Just get it professionally cleaned and you’re good to go. I’d be more worried about having a vacant property! Government guidelines allow you to rent it out.

don’t want someone to sit in house and not pay rent for 3 months +

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Hi all, your views were very interesting from a tenants point of view. I am a support worker and my current landlord has concerns as he lives on this property, I have been looking for 1 bed so that I can have more freedom and he can walk around freely. If any of you have anything available please let me know or any advice.

I just rented mine out. Theres nothing to worry about, it will have been unoccupied for 5 days and if there was a virus it would have been gone by then, and with cleaning its doubly ensured.