End Tenancy at end of AST

Can someone please advise how I can end an AST tenancy.

My understanding is that I could provide a notice 2 months in advance to not renew the tenancy.

My questions are:

  1. Is it sufficient for me to do this via email and OpenRent messaging?

  2. Provided I give them 2 months notice that I would like to repossess the property, could they legally enforce me to start a periodic tenancy with them?

  3. How will OpenRent protect my right if the tenant does not vacate the property? Do I have to do all the court procedures myself?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

You are out of your depth trying to manage a complex legal process (namely a tenancy) without even basic knowledge. I suggest you use a specialist eviction company for now and then either hand the propetty to a local agent on a full management contract or get some training.