EPC and N5B form

Hello all,

I am currently filling in an N5B accelerated possession form. The section that covers gas safety inspections asks:

'Have gas safety records been provided to the Defendant covering all further gas safety inspections carried out during the period of the tenancy? If Yes, the dates of issue of the gas safety records and the dates on which they were given to the Defendant were (etc).

I have the original record for the start of the tenancy and the most recent two (2019/2020). I do not have copies of records between those dates. Also, the form table only appears to allow for 3 date entries… so I’m not sure how you are meant to represent safety certs for tenancies longer than 3 years when completing online.

Should I:

a) include only the record for the start of the tenancy?
b) Include the 3 that I have and hope that this is fine?
c) Does a pre-2015 AST agreement help here? The AST agreement was signed in 2012 and has not been renewed since. Some on here have advised that some of the prescribed documents are not required for pre-2015 tenancies - which documents does this apply to? I cannot see allowance for this rule on the N5B form.

Yes, it helps. Failing to serve the tenant with the GSC will not invalidate the s21 notice with pre-2015 tenancies. Make this point specifically in the court form

Thanks for that confirmation David, much appreciated. I hope that by making that point on the form doesn’t make me look like I’m telling the court/judge how to interpret the law! I guess it would be helpful if the form made provisions for such a scenario, it must be quite a common one.

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