Eviction Due to EPC

I was dissapointed to read this article about an 80 year old being evicted due to changes to EPC rules.

There are no new rules yet, only Government ideas that may never come to fruition.

The rules about EPC requirements for rented properties haven’t changed for years, and even if the new rules do come in, they are not proposed to change until 2028 at the earliest for existing tenancies.

I have contacted Thorsby Hall Contact Us to give them my views that they should not be ‘jumping the gun’. If you feel strongly too, please contact them too and lets keep this 80+ year old in her home.

There is more going on there. Existing tenancies, even if the new rules come to fruition (and no guarantee that they will), will not affect existing tenancies for years yet
Do we think it could be a start of campaigning to see how ill thought out the EPC proposals actually are ? The article is actually on the side of the tenant AND the landlord (for once)

We dont know what their EPC is now. It could have dropped below an E.


It’s certainly a rotten situation for this poor lady, but why are Thoresby Estate evicting her before the EPC C requirements come in, unless as David 122 says it has an E rating. If the requirement for C level does come in, it will be chaos with landlords selling properties that they cannot afford to raise to C standard, and tenants hitting the shrunken rental markets in droves with no prospect of securing properties. It’s crazy legislation when only landlords not home owners, have to comply to C levels.


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