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How long to get new EPC before fines


Openrent sent an email saying the new EPC rules are beginning last month and there will be a fine if we do not have a high enough EPC Score in time.

How long will Landlords be given to get the alterations done before any fine is charged once a new EPC of F or below is done? Also are we saying that any Tenancy that is due for renewal, it is better to make it a periodic tenancy and therefore even if the EPC comes out lower than E then we have until 2020 to get the alterations amended?


Too low epc - this is the reason we are being evicted after 17 years! Struggling to find another suitable home! Will end up living in car with 2 jack Russells!


Landlord_shun - I get the impression that the EPC legislation isn’t massively clear and there are quite a few areas to be confirmed/tested.

But yeah, letting the tenancy go periodic for now could be sensible.



More worrying is that we cannot serve S21 notice without grade of E of higher.


This is all perfect none-sense. Very few properties indeed will be of the lowest grades it is all scaremongering and the tory’s appeasing the green sorts with more unneeded legislation for landlords.