Existing Tenancy

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I am currently renting a property with one of the high street popular estate agents.

Please can you let me know if I want to keep the same tenant is it possible to move to open rent? Or is there any exclusivity that I can’t move them to another estate agent?

Also do they have to go through referencing, inventory etc again if I need to take the rent protection insurance etc?

Thanks in advance.

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When your contract with them(the agent) runs out go to openrent Good firm!

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@Colin3 thanks for responding. If I rephrase, I allow the existing contract to lapse and create a new contract through open rent?

Just to confirm that also means I will have to do right to rent, referencing checks, inventory etc again right?

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check on that it lapses when the term is up. Or some agents have it written intotheir contract that its when the tenant leaves!! When that contract is done use open rent to advertise again.and their referencing only costs £20 each person. Personally i put the deposit in the goverment scheme. I collect my own rents and I download the contract free from the NLA

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you can do your own inventory etc Get the tenant to sign for it. get out of the grip of an agent

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Hi @k.badri, yes it’s possible from our end — assuming you are contractually able to stop using your existing agent.

To do this, you just need to crease a free advert, then get one of the tenants to click the Rent Now button on the advert to start the tenancy creation process.

The process is designed for new tenancies, so some bits may be a little confusingly worded given that you want to keep your existing tenants, but if you let your tenants know this in advance, then everything should be fine.

You do not have to conduct referencing or an inventory again if you don’t want to. You won’t have to pay for things you don’t actually use :slight_smile:

If you want to access our Rent Guarantee Insurance policy, then all adult tenants on the tenancy will need to pass our referencing, or if they do not pass, provide a guarantor who does. RGI is then available at just £89 per year.

More details here: