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Wondering if someone can help me. My electrical report has been marked as ‘unsatisfactory’. It’s annoying as he said it had passed when at the property and then after failed it and sent me a quote for works (very disappointing).

The earths need to be connected it says, if I can arrange for someone to correct this, what do I do then? Do I have to re-pay for another electrician to come sign the property off!?

Can the tenant still move in even without this being done but if I have it scheduled in to be complete?

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Definitely would not let the tenant move in without the work being completed, you would knowingly be letting them move into an unsafe property and would guess this is a very serious offence.

Earth not connected to what? The consumer unit, the gas pipe ,the water pipe, Etc ??

Is the fault market with a code c1, c2 or c3. C3 is advisory and not compulsory for letting.

My understanding is that you don’t need a new EICR once the works have been done, just the relevant certificate of completion by the Electrician.

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Connect the earths to the light switch , sorry if wasn’t clear.

I read online it states tenants can be in the property and you have 28 days to get the works done.

I had a property like that and had to rewire as it had been wired up only with twin cable and not twin and earth. If the earth is there it is a very easy job provided the guy who installed it has not been an idiot and cut the earth back. Are the light switches metal?

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I had one where one electrician failed it on no earth for the lights wiring and said it needed replacing with earthed wire (a huge, expensive job)
I took a second opinion and the second electrician said that if we removed and replaced all metal light fittings and switches it would pass
We did that, certified ok
Some electricians see it as an opportunity to print money as the landlord is forced/frightened into doing something -as we think we have to take what they say at face value
Same with plastic control boards. They’re ok

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spot on Stephen there is no earth on a plastic light switch. The problem starts when they are replaced with a metal switch and metal drops. Then they must be earthed,

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Thank you so much for your return. I agree that they see it as a way to gain money as he literally told me it had passed when we where stood in the property and then afterwards messaged later that evening and said it hadn’t and the earths needed wiring.

Yes they are metal sockets and yes all the cables are there as the electrician said he can easily return and connect it up and change the cert to C3. Plus it was an electrician who changed them a few years back to metal sockets for me and I spoke with him and he confirm all the earth wires are there in place so shouldn’t be any problem so fingers crossed!

@colin3 would I be better to just change them to plastic then?

If the earth wire is present and easy to access then it’s an easy job to connect this to the wall switches. (Why never done to begin with?). I wouldn’t change light switches to plastic if this is the case as no need. Metal lights must be earthed, although a double insulated (class 2) metal light requires no earth.

I would change to plastic personally, .I have wired up places and then got a pass no probs with an electrician . If a metal backbox to the switch I always connect the earth to that, if a plastic box , then I put an earth sheath on it , fold the end back on itself and tuck it into the corner of the box I never use metal switches or sockets as there is a higher risk with them, I know it is fashionable ,but I do not care. I have never had a fail on my electrics ( one day my flared trousers will come back into fashion )!!

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Plastic switches and sockets definitely the lowest risk, I’ve changed my mind, plastic all the way :slight_smile: I had forgotten how some tenants like to “mess”.

Very easy to replace, not as expensive., No trying to match a broken one with an out of date item. I always buy mid range stuff.

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