Tenant making it very difficult to get electrical work done in property

I’m trying to get some work done in my rental property as required for an electrical certificate but the tenant is making it really difficult, he keeps interfering and won’t allow electrician to carry out their work? Several have walked out saying they can’t work with him interfering, I need the work done so I can get the certificate, what can I do?
Any advice would be great! Thanks,

Tell him he needs to be social distancing in a different room.

It’s not just that, he’s being very difficult, not giving electrician full access to where he needs to work, interfering with work thinking he knows best, I’ve told him it’s important it gets done but he’s not complying

He should be lucky a nice landlord is allowing him in the property. By law thats still your home and you should still be able to overcome decisions. he should understand that works needs to be done. you could be a lazy landlord and not do the work, belive me ive had this before.

Least your looking after your properties.

All the best hoping you keep safe

Thanks, does anyone know what other alternative I can use or do to get the job done? Don’t want to then be hit with a fine for not having these safety checks in place because of someone else’s interference,

For warn the next electrician.
Advise the tenant it is a legal requirement to do the work and any interruption of their work is harassment for which a fine can be imposed.

Keep detailed records of your efforts as this will be a defense in law for not having the work completed. Then try again in a few months time.

The electrician could retort “let me see your current licence for this work otherwise leave me alone”, and if he has one then “lets do the job together”

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Thanks, Yes I think I’ll try again in another month or so, silly man is overlooking how important it is to get work done, for his safety first! Too busy trying interfering!
I have kept records of electricians trying to go and not being able to carry out work, when you message him to let him know they’re going round he’s like ok but then messes around once they get there! So infuriating!!!