Faulty Electrics with no EICR

We recently handed in notice on our property as the landlord has raised the rent and parking by £250 a month, we have 21 days left of the contract term left but 2 days ago all the ceiling lights on the top floor stop working, the landlord arranged to send a electrican to come and see problem, After much investigation it became clear that the electrics are a bodge job of different wires etc some of which are possibly from the 50s … the long and short of it is that there is no way to get power now to the upstairs lights without a complete rewire which of course can not happen while we are still living in the property. The electrican asked me if the EICR has been completed which it has not, he also advised that if the test had been taken on the property it would of failed anyway as its awful.

I have asked the landlord for details of EICR which he is not responding to, what are my rights as his answer is to either move out earlier which is impossible as to much to arrange and the other porperty is not ready until the agreed date, and if we are to stay in the property he will supply desk lamps in each room to see us through to the end of tenancy, surely this is ilegal ?

You can contact the local authority to tell them about the electrical problems and the lack of an EICR. This is in breach of the new legislation and it sounds like he may also be in breach of HHSRS and possibly other health and safety legislation if the electrics are unsafe. You might want to negotiate a rent free period or at least a reduction while you serve out your notice.