Unable to schedule EICR remedial within 28days

Wondering what’s the worst could happen, if the EICR fix doesn’t happen within 28 days? I just had EICR reports done, need two things to be fixed, (IP rated bathroom lighting and RCD for bathroom). it’s hard to get good electricians within the week, but I’m away next week with limited phone signal (in case if anything goes unexpected in the fix, I want to be able to communicate effectively), the tenants are away the week after. By the time everyone is available it has passed the 28 days. Any consequences for that?

Speak to the council
They are aware and are demonstrating leniency in these situations because of the pandemic and because of a shortage of electricians in the country
Worse case is a financial penalty
Keep records that you have attempted booking etc so you have evidence of effort rather than apathy

Thank you @A_A. May I also ask in the informing the council part, do I need to send them my failed EICR, the remedial work and then a satisfactory EICR?
Or it’s actually the failed EICR and remedial work. They don’t need another EICR to be done to mark Satisfactory?

Section 7 talks about remedial work
In law you provide failed EICR plus invoice confirming remedial works
Personally, the electrician just gives me a satisfactory report once works are completed.
For your own benefit get a satisfactory EICR. You don’t want to get another EICR when the tenant changes. That would be dead money.
The new legislation has made it combersom

Thanks a lot @A_A. I’ve read through that guide several times now.
Gone to council website, just found I need to apply for building approval for any electrician work to be done to my flat?! Didn’t know that previously.
I actually need their approval to get the remedial work done!
Hope they come back to me quickly…they still haven’t changed my council bill yet after I submitted the move out of property for 8 workings days now.

I wouldnt even contact the council, you are just asking for trouble. Get the work booked in then your covered, no one could fault you for that.

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