Fire safety Regs in Flats :'PAS 9980 even worse than EWS1'

I have read on another forum that all flats will have to have a fire safety compliance inspection before most lenders will lend on them.

They will have to come up to modern day regulations (not the regulations applicable when they were built).

Freeholders are responsible for getting the inspection done, and that the inspection will apply to the whole block. Any remedial work will have to be done before most lenders will lend.

I am a bit worried by this. What if the freeholder doesn’t do it (I don’t think it is compulsory)? In any event, the cost of the (maybe very expensive) remedial work will almost certainly be passed on to the leaseholders.

It seems to me that flats will be unsellable if they don’t have this certifiation.

Here’s a link that I got from the other forum :

Have I misunderstood? Your thoughts?

Most flats in blocks will have already had this and could probably supply you with a copy.

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Oh good, well that is a weight off my mind. I know my son’s 1960s block has just had a load of work done.