Tenant demanding new appliance

Hi… a small matter on which I hope someone can advise. I’ve rented out my 4 bedroomed property in very good condition on a 6mth AST. The tenant is very “particular” and is complaining about the fridge saying it freezes up at the back and she keeps having to throw out fruit and veg. I’ve explained that I’ve had the fridge looked at and it’s not broken… it’s just the way it and the truck is to not overfill it/leave door open in hot weather etc but she is insisting that I buy a new one. The cost of this is £500-600 as it’s an integrated fridge freezer.
Do I just pay it as a good will gesture or is she making an excessive demand seeing as they have less than 4 mths left in the property?

can you buy a freestanding one and put it in a vacant spot .That will be a lot cheaper

That’s actually a really good idea … thank you. I can at least offer that and then it‘s up to her to choose but I’ll have honoured any obligation I might have

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I dont supply any white goods for the reason that you have to maintain them,. But have no say in the proper use of . with integrated the cost is even higher than freestanding.

If it is a frost free it normally freezes at the back if it is packed so that the back is touched. If the back is not touched it should not frost. Leaving the door open is the worst thing that you can do as it causes the back to frost even faster.

See the link below I found for you that may be of help:

Check the owners manual; perhaps it can be turned down. And give a copy to the occupant.

Hi there… is this the Openrent owners manual?

Hi Jane,

Not the OpenRent owners manual; When you bought this fridge you would have received a manual which will have a section for troubleshooting, check this. If you don’t have it then Mrs Google will no doubt give you the required information. Hope this helps and also feel the tenant is rather unreasonable.


You should also be able to find a users manual online for free, either from the manufacturer or a third party. Just google make, model number, manual pdf download. There are enough resources out there that you shouldn’t have to pay for one.

My thoughts on replacement - fridges need space inside to work properly or they will ice up - I have the same problem with mine when I pack it too tight. They need to learn to use it properly. I wouldn’t replace it.

Thanks John. I’ve come to the conclusion that for the remaining three and a half months of the AST it is no great hardship to make do with the functional fridge in place and - as you say - learn to not overfill it.
I so appreciate these common sense replies.
Thank you to you all

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I agree - if the next tenants have similar problem then it is the fridge freezer not the tenant lifestyle

Do you know that the tenant is definitely planning to leave at the end of the AST?

This happens when too many items touch the back so the cool air isn’t dissipated evenly.

If you have had someone look at the fridge who says it is working fine then i’d go with that.
Some tenants are never happy and if you pay for this they will then find something else they expect to be replaced.
If the tenant wants to leave at the end on the tenancy then maybe this isn’t a bad thing.
Has a landlord you have certain maintenance responsibilities, it is enough you adhere to these. Anything else is pampering.

A tenant who has been in your property many years you may feel you want to treat in some way, but a tenant in the first 6 months?

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