Gas Safety Certificate Deadline

Hi, it is coming up to the expiry of the gas safety certificate on my property. I started renting out the property a year ago, so the current certificate is the first one on the property. I have read that I can renew the certificate in the 2 months prior to the expiry date and maintain the existing expiry date. However, I have also read some articles which say in order to maintain the expiry date, you need to have a 2 year period of gas safety certificates on record.

Obviously as this would be the first renewal, I don’t have 2 years history available. Would someone be able to confirm whether this is an issue, or would I still be able to maintain the existing expiry date if I were to get a certificate in the 2 months prior to expiry?

Thanks in advance

I’ve never heard of that. I would just clarify with the engineer that they will maintain the original renewal date.