Gay married couple

Me and my husband keep getting rejected from landlords, the times we have gone to view property with the landlords they have been people who unfortunate do not agree with homosexuality.

We are now becoming rather desperate to find somewhere to live we have been searching for 6 months.

We are after some advice or landlords who would be able to help.

Kind Regards.

Hi Trevor,

Sorry to hear this.

Discrimination against protected characteristics isn’t acceptable behaviour from any of our landlords.

Please drop us an email with more details - - so that we can look into this and take appropriate action.

Kind Regards,

:hushed: Cannot believe this is a problem for people in this day and age. Where are you renting? Most gay couples I know are usually very financially stable (perhaps because most don’t have children!) and, without wanting to generalise, I do find they have great taste in decor and are usually an asset to a property. So sorry you are going through this.


My first thought on reading your email is on what basis have you decided that sexual orientation is the reason your applications have been declined?

Peter B
Member NLA