Giving out phone no

I’ve just placed an ad and one couple asked for my phone no to discuss. Open rent strongly advise not to give out my phone no - thoughts anyone? Do you think it’s dodgy?

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Do not give out number you will be pestered Open Rent are correct When a tenant is in then give number


Thank you Colin good advice

I often speak to prospective tenants, but I always call them. Whey don’t you ask for their number, but hide yours when you call.


Thanks David very good advice

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I use a dual sim phone so have one sim for LL stuff. i’d recommend a separate number for LL stuff anyway, particularly if you have multiple properties.

Another suggestion: In Open Rent, when advertising, I set up an auto-response that asks them to call me for an initial conversation about their situation. I’m clear in this message that I don’t follow up on anyone who doesn’t call me. I use this as a basic filter for time-wasters or people who are unable to follow basic instructions. It works a treat.


Good tip yes a lot of time wasters

I had the same too and they do pester you. I usually tell them that OpenRent recommends not giving out the number until we’ve met in person. One prospective tenant stopped communicating after this.

2 phones one for landlord stuff and online crap one for personal and known companies etc

Thanks for all your help. The market seems very good first inquiry viewed same day put deposit down that night. I got myself a good an many thanks everyone

Alwzy get z burner phone just for future tenants

I ran a second number/phone used solely when advertising for new tenant. it’s actually more inconvenient as you have to check two phones rather than one.

Tenants may aswell just text or ring your main number or maybe a second eSIM number on same phone which you can change. It’s easy to get rid of them with the right response or even block though.

It’s been like that for a while now. I posted an add in March. It went live at the beginning of the week and I got enquiries within the hour of it going live. They were all from a different area and wanted to view the following weekend, then someone local got in touch and viewed straight away. They wanted the apartment and I can remember me being desperate for that person to pay the Holding Deposit as I was quickly inundated with requests and I just wanted it to stop. They have turned out to be the perfect tenant. I wish you all the best with yours.

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