My phone number

I am new here, and I have been asked by potential tenants for my phone number to arrange viewing is this OK

i never initially give out my number. I first ask questions thru openrent. and weed out the chancers. Then for viewings I supply a number

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Whatever you feel comfortable with, really. We try not to create unnecessary rules to follow.

One thing to note is that the more you keep communication on our platform, via the OpenRent messenger, then the easier it is for us to see what has been agreed if you ask us to resolve any disputes.

But in general, many landlords give their phone number out. It’s your choice.

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I prefer not to give out my regular mobile number until the tenant has moved in, so I have an old phone with a pay as you go SIM card which I activate and use when I’m interviewing prospective tenants and arranging viewings.
Once a tenant has moved in I give them my ‘proper’ number.

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