Tenant viewing - give out telephone number?

Hi I am brand new to Open rent. I have just listed my property and have had enquiries and a viewing set up in a few days. i have sent directions to the property to this person. They ask if I could send my telephone number in case of any issues etc. Should I do this or stick to the messaging service on here?
Thanks in advance for any advice.

I withold my number till I arrange a viewing. Otherwise if something comes up they may not be able to contact you. Go with your gut feeling. If they fail a reference test and have your number you may be pestered to change your mind

Many thanks Colin. Good to know.

Disagree: the whole purpose of each of you knowing the telephone number held by other is so that if they can’t make it or are delayed by circumstances beyond their control, you won’t be hanging around for them for hours, and if you can’t be there on time, it would be nice to let them know to save them an unnecessary journey, or so they can wait for your late arrival knowing that you are on your way.

Be polite, give them your number and have their’s incase you can’t make it.

many thanks John. yes that makes sense.

thats what i said, only give your number when you arrange a viewing