Heating Engineer's responsibilities

Ive got 5 properties, the Heating Engineer has installed 3 boilers, does the gas certificates and services on all 5 and has done several ‘call outs’. He installed a new boiler in my (vulnerable) daughters flat about 15 months ago. After 5 months it started emitting a continuous 100db shriek on start up. We called him in and he took 5 minutes to fix it. Now it has started again, the neighour is also an old, unwell person and the noise starts at all hours in the day and night. Now the heating engineer wont come out to the problem, he has made various unconvincing excuses and now just ignores the messages. His last was to tell me to contact the manufacturers as its under warranty. My question is ‘who is responsible?’ Is it up to me to contact the manufacturers, or is it his?

If he supplied the boiler as well as installing it then its his responsibility. If its faulty, he would have to replace it.

The manufacturer is ultimately responsible, they are the ones who provide the warranty. Whilst the engineer should really help you resolve the issue they don’t have to, they haven’t supplied a warranty.

My boiler warranty says to first contact the engineer that installed it but if they don’t provide ongoing service then to contact manufacturer and they will send someone else.

Sounds like you need a new engineer anyway.


Thank you to both of the responders! The fact you are diametrically opposite is totally beside the point!

The only option I had was to ring the manufacturers. To my amazement they fully accepted what I was saying and were phenomenally helpful. They will send an engineer early December. Ideal Boilers by the way, definitely recommended. Thanks again. Oh yes, the local engineer is history as far as Im concerned.


good result. thing is the manufacturers vans will carry ALL spare parts required and if something doesnt work that can fit something else. they have a hotline to their database for issues. some companies like ideal and vaillant have been excellent for me and then some are not so good, i will never fit another alpha for example and stay away from the sheds own makes like biasi. Viessman are good and have a 7 year warranty

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