Help with housing

Hiya, I’m in a very difficult situation currently where I’m expecting a child in the next 4 weeks. Unfortunately due to the mothers history and background with social services the local authorities are involved. I am aiming for full custody of my child and in social service reports my current accommodation isn’t suitable for a baby as I’m currently in a shared accommodation. With the involvement of local authorities it has put major strains within the house and I’m in a position I need to move out asap. Iv explored every option possible and keep hitting brick walls. Iv reached out to my local MP for some help with housing but unfortunately as baby is not here yet and we are waiting on the outcome from local authorities through a public law outline there is nothing which can be done currently. As you can understand this is a horrible position to be in and extremely stressful. Just need a little bit of support from somewhere to try and give my child the best opportunity in life and move forward with my life. Any information you need in regards to this situation feel free to contact me and more than happy to talk.