How can i rent with a CCJ

So i applied for a property through an agent. The first hurdle was having a dog. It was agreed i would pay a larger deposit, and sign an agreement to replace any damage/carpets etc caused by the dog. (bearing in mind in the 3 years i have had him, he has caused not one bit of damage)
Next i completed the joint application form, sent ID, wage slips etc.
The reference link was emailed and i got straight onto that.
On my application form i explained i had a CCJ and i was paying this back in instalments to the debtor.
I then received an email to say the application has been withdrawn due to adverse credit.
Ok, i offered a guarantor and 5 months rent up front. With this is mind i was hopeful this would put the landlords mind at ease that because i have a history of adverse credit does not mean i am not financially stable or un reliable. I have rented for the last 18 years and never missed a rent payment.
I know the affordability reference will of passed and the current landlord reference.
I am now told the landlords insurance will not pass because i have a CCJ! Could this really be the case even if there is a guarantor?

If the landlord has rent guarantee insurance then it will not cover adverse credit.
Some landlords will overlook it with you being upfront and offering the other mitigation’s but looks like this one won’t.

YOU will still fail the credit check with a guarantor, so it all depends on whether the guarantor had good credit and HE passed credit referencing.

Yes I will fail the credit but my guarntour won’t. Anyway, there doesn’t seem to be any movement so I will have to forget about it. :disappointed: