How long does an EICR certificate take to process?

Im awaiting a tenancy agreement on my apartment (all checks have been passed and holding deposit paid)

With the new law came in last month regarding the EICR checks having to be done before a new tenant moves in its putting a delay on getting my tenancy agreement and im getting slightly antsy. We are meant to be moving in 28th August and my letting agent advised we cant sign an agreement until the EICR certificate has been obtained.

Does anyone have any experience in how long this usually takes to obtain? Im worried its going to take us over the move in date and we are going to have to wait longer to move in which logistically won’t be possible for me.

Thanks for any help in advance!

I suggest that you ask if you can move your stuff in, and you if you become homeless, and you sign the contract after the EICR has been issued, without paying for any period before it is issued, as that would be illegal.
So if the landlord is happy with your references, they should have no problem agreeing to this as they have no choice. The only risk is that you may have to put up with some house re-wiring after the certificate is issued, and the re-wiring must be done within 28 days if I recall correctly, but that does not stop you moving in during that period. You may have to trust that the landlord will comply with the law!

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Thank you so much for your response John!

I was thinking of doing this myself to be honest as I won’t necessarily be homeless as I’m with my parents at the moment but my friend who is moving in with me will be homeless by the 7th September!

I’m going to ask how long they think the EICR will take and if it still isn’t sorted by the 28th ask if we can move in to the property and sign the tenancy and pay the deposit and first months rent after its issued! Otherwise it leaves us in a big bind. I will ring the letting agent tomorrow and ask if this is possible!

Thanks so much for your help!

EICR itself typically takes half to a full day, getting the certifficate a few days later. Problem is all landords are scrambling around at the mo chasing a limited number of qualified electricians. Maybe be proactive and source an electrician for the landlord so he has no excuse. As John45 says during the start of your tenancy you might have to put up with any remedial works that have come to light.

@rebecca-sharp I have done my EIRC in February 2020 and the engineer wrote the report out in this day to me, it was about 5 pages long, after I pay the company.