Is EICR compulsory for sending to tenant before tenancy?


I have recently completed a property under time pressure and later noticed didn’t get the Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs). It is a 2 year old new build so I know it got 3 years until I need to do a EICR.

(Newbuilds all get a EIC equivalent to a EICR valid for 5 years)

  • Question 1: what is the best option? get it from seller where they can rightfully ignore, check with the developer’s file which will probably taking forever or never get done, waste/pay for a new one.

I had tenant viewing right after completion and people want to move in straight away, but i don’t think i can get the EIC in time from seller or developer.

  • Question 2: is it by law that we have to send EIC/EICR to tenant before their tenancy or as long as we know we have it? Because it makes a difference to me, if we have to send before the tenancy then I need to waste money to get one done as seller no longer have obligation and developer will be ever so slow.

Any suggestion helps! :slight_smile:

Yes, the law says that the tenant has to have a copy before moving in. The tenant could report you to the local authority, but its possible nothing would come of that. Councils have bigger concerns. There is no impact on s21.

Either of your two options are possible.

Have you checked on the website most are available although not all.

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