Site incorrectly says I don't have an EPC rating

I’ve started to get this error popping up while I’m editing my listing:

You need to update your advert to provide an EPC rating.

The initial grace period to allow you time to obtain an EPC has now passed and we can no longer legally advertise your property until an EPC is provided.

But I do have an EPC (albeit with a measly rating of E) and I have entered the EPC rating in the listing. I’m a bit worried that my advert will be stopped for this imaginary infraction. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yes I have had exactly the same notification. Trying to find somewhere to upload my EPC but cannot see anywhere.

have you checked thats its on the goverments EPC register site?

I have, it is! I even tried uploading the copy I downloaded from the government site as a photo on my listing, but it was rejected because it contains my address.

You need open rent to solve this