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How to Find Good Tradespeople for Your Rental Property

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Landlords need to know how to find reliable tradespeople to maintain and repair their rental properties. When you find a great plumber or decorator, it’s a great feeling. You know your property is safe with them.  But if you need to find someone new, the prospect can be daunting. No one wants to pay over…

i am a time served joiner(4 years),. Best way to find a good tradesman is to look at their work, neat brickwork , neatly cut timber are they always seen at the job, ask the home owner, do they seem to be all young lads ( no experience). Take no notice of a load of" belonging to trade associations " it does not mean they are any good. I have been a builder for 50 years and my sons have been my apprentices never advertised , no website, no business cards Only word of mouth. NEVER taken money up front. Never pay upfront but DO pay in stage payments ,that is only fair Ask the householder, ask around,

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