How to Find Good Tradespeople for Your Rental Property

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Landlords need to know how to find reliable tradespeople to maintain and repair their rental properties. When you find a great plumber or decorator, it’s a great feeling. You know your property is safe with them.  But if you need to find someone new, the prospect can be daunting. No one wants to pay over…

i am a time served joiner(4 years),. Best way to find a good tradesman is to look at their work, neat brickwork , neatly cut timber are they always seen at the job, ask the home owner, do they seem to be all young lads ( no experience). Take no notice of a load of" belonging to trade associations " it does not mean they are any good. I have been a builder for 50 years and my sons have been my apprentices never advertised , no website, no business cards Only word of mouth. NEVER taken money up front. Never pay upfront but DO pay in stage payments ,that is only fair Ask the householder, ask around,


Check a Trade and rated People are possibly the very worst place to go to find a good tradesmen. Despite what they say, they do not vet tradesmen, do not check addresses and allow tradesmen to sell profiles with good reviews, along with the associated phone number. They do not verify the addresses given and when something goes wrong, you’re screwed. is even worse with most recommendations coming from friends and family of unqualified tradesmen who are often criminals.

Only employ tradesmen with a proper website and domain name email address, a limited company set up, insurance etc and check their home address to see how many other people allegedly live here to ensure it’s not a dodgy address

I’ve also had a very poor experience with people from these websites.

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