Property maintenance in Worksop

Hello good people,
Does anyone know how I can get good trades men/women in Worksop area (S80 postcode). I needed joinery, plumber and repointer and painter.

I have tried checkAtrade, yell, trusted trader , balk etc no one seem available. No response from 85% of enquiries made. The rest claim they are full booked for the next 6months.

Any ideas how I can get tradesmen/women for these job in this area?


Suggest on your travels you keep your eyes open for builders vans they might be working at a property or even live there.
Knock on the door and explain you need tradesmen and would they be interested in having a look at the work required.

Then ask the house owner are they happy with the builder

many thanks for your response. will keep an eye on it. i guess the trouble for me is I don’t live there. i live 1 hour drive away. when there is something fixing i.e tenant reports a maintenance issue, i usually find myself going from one trades site to the other and struggling to find any. not sure what am doing wrong. thought to ask fellow landlords what i could do differently. but points noted.cheers

Get yourself over near the property, find yourself a working mans cafe go inside and if its anything like cafe’s around here there will be a multitude of tradsmans cards on the notice board, also ask the owner if they would recommend anyone

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sometimes builders Merchants have a noticebord with cards on it. BUT reccomendations are better.

cool. that makes lots of sense. will give it a try. thanks for your time

Have you tried ? If I am stuck for a workman, I use that site.

Charles19 all good tradesmen are booked up There is so much work around and money to finance it. I am a joiner and builders every week are asking can I work for them. (usually outdoors in the rain and cold, I do not need that) So when work is like that I choose the most interesting jobs and regular customers… Most i know are booked up for 6 months , I thought it would all have collapsed by now

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cheers. i have tried them. everyone seems busy and booked up till 2022. kind of weird . anyway thanks for responding

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I couldnt be a LL if I had to employ everyone for every job. We are seeing ridiculous prices being asked for the most mundane of jobs. Example; Most recent job was to replace felt to a small bay top.( not leaking but looking dodgy) I couldnt get a quote below £1500. I eventually gave up and did it myself with Felt shingles for £200 and 4 hours work. I now have paint brushes, blowlamp, wood saws and trowels in my toolbox.

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Leslie1 I dont want to be a know it all but did you know there are some great “liquid plastic fibre” products you can paint on concrete or felted bay roofs or over damaged lead, even if the surface is slightly damp or moist. Goes hard like fibreglass. So easy

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@Leslie1 that makes sense. however, for someone who is afraid of height, i guess he/she has no choice. But yeah it makes sense to be able to sort out few/minors repair jobs as a LL else one ends up paying more than he/she should be paying