I cant find any landlord that will accept me & my 2 children

Im currently on Universal Credits & Pip. I can supply references as well as a guarantor! As soon as i mention LHA to an estate agent, they stop communicating with me all together. I’ve been a private tentant for almost 18 years! I’ve always paid my rent on time (it’s a must), especially when you have children. I have always kept my homes to a high standard. Ive always left my property in a condition where a new tenant can move straight in even though they were never in that condition when i moved into them. I have alot of pride but Still no one will even look at me let alone help & house me.


You have my sympathy. Its not an easy time to rent. There is currently high demand for rental property, and many Landlords feel that working tenants present a better risk than those on benefits.

Until the supply of property is improved, this is unlikely to change.

To help in the future, write to your MP, tell them how you are struggling, and ask them to help build more houses to improve the supply of rental property. Also, ask them to help improve the Regulations & financial tax burdens on Landlords, to stop them leaving the market, and encourage more of them to buy / build more property to rent.

Also, choose wisely who you vote for. Things could get much worse if another party gets into power.


Unfortunately a LL will go for the less risky tenants and I’ve had bad experiences with tenants on benefits .
I prefer two working tenants and most of the time a guarantor , it’s all about disposal income and a lot of tenants struggle to get anywhere near the 30-35 x income .
I had a single mother with one child and worked pt , the house was £850 and at a push she could only afford £750 at 30x , I let her rent it because I knew her and I bitterly regretted it .
When rents were going up she just couldn’t afford it so I had to let her go .