Increasing Rent in City center

Hi all,
I am an international student and single mother. My contract for 6 months will end of the end on next month. I paid 6 months in advance. The agency called me saying I have to pay 200 pounds extra otherwise I should leave, they gave me section21. but we are in the mid of the school year and I am stressed. what should I do please any suggestion?

What is the £200 for?

do you mean £200 extra per month rent?

extra in rent ,I used to pay 1050 now he wants 1250 pound per month.

yes … do they have the right to increase the rent by 200 pounds?

they can ask for whatever they want Whether they get it is another matter Try negotiation or move to a cheaper place?

Have you checked on Rightmove what similar properties are going for locally?

I checked many websites but I am waiting and live in stress waiting for an answer …

If the rent they’re now proposing to charge is in line with local market rents, there is not a lot you can do. There wouldn’t be any point in challenging it. You could try to negotiate, but at the end of the day if you can’t afford it you would probably have to move.

Are you getting UC/Housing Benefit? Speak to the DWP/Council about whether they can help.

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