Inventory Search of the best free one to use

I am finding due to new regulations and me trying to become a better landlord and not keep bending over constantly on every handover that my time and money is being eaten up with trying to make my own Inventory which is greatly detailed, lengthily, legal, precise and visual yet i have encountered some issues which are costing me dearly with time such as at present i currently made my own .pages/word document, inserted a spread sheet etc all good, yet i found that if i inserted all pictures into the said document it would be hundreds of sheets long, so i started re-editing the pictures to be smaller and cram more on each page yet still the file was ridiculously long, large file size regardless if i use “preview” to reduce the file size then print off to .pdf for instance, ow and very time consuming indeed, obviously i need the final file to be no larger than 20mb to send via email also.

I really dont want to opt for the easy route of paying a online company amount of money to use their templates as i feel that i need to add or change/adjust so much of the layout that these companies forms dont allow for it, mainly as i need inventory for HMO and i sometimes need to make the picture brighter using “photos” on the mac so one can easily see the said picture, i am a little lost with this problem, any help most appriciated.

Hi Andrew

I have always done inventory checkin and checkout by self in prescient of tenants.

I take photos on my iPhone and and use the date stamp app to stamp the photos and it’s very important. Then I would send photos separately electronically and ask tenants to keep record.

It’s difficult to put all photos with inventories.

I have learnt recently it does not matter how good tenants do you have, tenants either remove battery from smoke alarm or disconnect.
Then when you tell them at the end at check out time they just lie.

So I have just done recently finished one inventory check in and also asked tenant to check the smoke alarm and took the photo of him too. So when he leave at the end of tenancy I will ask again That tenant to check.

Same for drains as some tenants donot take care and blame landlords. So again ask tenant to let water run in sinks , bath and take photos too. Once they move in and if there is blockage Afterwards because of hair, oil down the drains they are responsible for paying.

I would say learn a lesson tenant and be precise next time with evidence as a professional landlord.

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