Inventory service for private landlords

Hi, Do many landlords use an inventory clerk to produce the reports for check-in, check out, and inspections or do you do them yourselves?

Many thanks

Do it myself. It’s pretty easy. OpenRent have a template you can use and there are many others online.

Just make sure its detailed, right down to skirting boards and door architraves.

I do it by myself everything very details.

  1. drainage
    Also I ask tenants check running water in kitchen sink,
    Bathroom to make sure that they have checked and no problems with drainage. Also take photos and add on
    Inventories and I do same for inventory check out.

As it’s tenants responsibility to keep drainage clean

  1. smoke alarms

Also ask them to check and remind them it’s their responsibility of checking and changing batteries when required.

The reason is that I had experience of tenant removed the battery from smoke alarm and then was blaming me as it was not there.

Also I take photos of them checking too just as evidence.

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