Is Carbon Monoxide Alarm compulsory for boiler in loft and fire in the living room?

I am landlord. It is time to do my my gas safety.
The property is an old bungalow.
The gas engineer mentioned in the certificate there is no carbon monoxide alarm near the boiler in the loft and fire in the living room.

  1. Do I need to install carbon monoxide alarms near the boiler and fire in the living room?

  2. I found something in Screwfix -
    Is this enough?

  3. Does the kitchen need carbon monoxide alarm near the cooker, there is already a smoke alarm in the kitchen?

  4. How far from the boiler and fire in the living room, I should install them (hanging on the wall)?

  5. Do I need to write the installation date on top of the alarm?


Yes to all if those.

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No detector is required in room by law if only has gas cooker/hob.


Around a meter away and head height

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the info is on the box that the detector comes in

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The Building regulations say “every room” however the 2022 Government amendments say habitable rooms only - see following link.
For the small price and to offset the risk I am going to put one in the loft still now boiler relocated there.
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022: guidance for landlords and tenants - GOV.UK (

This has been discussed before and my conclusion was that you would need to site the CO alarm in the nearest habitable space to comply, probably the landing in most homes.