Is it reasonable that my landlord is asking me to pay for 50% of the cost of the installation of window blinds?

I have just moved into a newly refurbished first floor flat. The main room in the flat has a large bay window that overlooks the residential street that I live on. When I was moving in, my landlord mentioned that this bay window didn’t have any blinds fitted, but he said once I was moved in, I could get in touch with him and he could arrange for the installation of the blinds. (He didn’t mention that this would cost me anything).
However, when I did contact him about the installation of the blinds, he then told me that he was expecting me to pay 50% of the installation of the blinds which he said would amount to £150. I note that this was quite unexpected to me as I assumed that blinds are an integral part of a flat and as such these would be classed as a necessity and/or a maintenance cost and so I would have expected the landlord to pay the full cost of the installation. I note that since the bay window in question lets in a lot of sunlight, there are times in the day when I would definitely want blinds or curtains in use. And also there is a general privacy element, where I would feel more comfortable if I was able to cover up my windows at certain times.
Another reason it seems strange that I would have to pay for an installation like this is that I obviously won’t be able to take these blinds with me when I move to another flat. So I am being asked to pay for a permanent fixture to be installed in the landlord’s property, and so it kind of feels like I am being asked to contribute to his refurbishment costs of the flat … .
I am just wondering if anyone can offer any thoughts or advice on this?


A landlord isn’t obligated to provide blinds or curtains. I do for mine but tenants often change them so understand why some wouldn’t provide them.

If they said they would provide them then they should but if you dont have this in writing and it isnt on inventory then not much you can do.

If you only plan to stay short term may be better to buy curtains yourself which you can take with you and are more transferable than blinds.