Landlord not providing what was in tenancy offer

Hi, I moved into a flat in Nov 2022. We added one condition of offer with our contract which was accepted by the landlord- to fit a blind/curtain over a large window area in the living room/kitchen.

A really poor quality blind was fitted - they fitted three separate blinds with large gaps in between each. It is a poor quality material and it has already ripped. The gaps have meant that the room was very cold in winter (we had to buy an extra heater) and now incredibly hot. The blind itself is also ineffective at keeping sunlight out.

I raised it since Nov when we moved in as I was shocked when I saw the poor quality blind. It is an expensive and nice flat.

I read online that I can source three quotes to have the work done and share with my landlord. I then need to leave a reasonable time for them to do the work and if not then I can go ahead with one of my options and deduct from rent.

Does anyone have experience of doing this?

I just want to add that this isn’t the only issue. The property is managed by a company and work is often carried out to a very poor standard. Indeed one blind was fitted back to front and I complained. It was turned around but now the chords are both on the same side and tangle as they just flipped it around.


To be honest , you would be looking at a sect 21 as now landlords have many tenants looking and would jump at a place , probably quicker to do it yourself and not involve the LL

Im not sure if the advice youve read would cover blinds. What it might cover is the excessive cold/heat in that room, but I dont know whether a new blind or even curtain is the answer. I would suggest a proper discussion with the landlord about how unusable that room is most of the time and get them on side.

Your title is less than truthful. I was under impression that LL promised you blinds and then didn’t provide them. You’re just unhappy with what you got.
The fact that so many are campaigning against “rogue LL” and tightening the legislation, resulted in less properties on the market and higher rents. Ultimately, it’s tenants who are missing out. So, being choosy and demanding right now is not necessarily a good idea.
I don’t think tenants are allowed to carry out any remedial works wothout LL’s consent and charge them later, unless it’s an emergency repair. And you definitely are not in your right to buy or repair blinds and charge LL for that. I would either buy exactly what suits me or try and build a working relationship with the LL. They will be more responsive and helpful then.

It is not a matter of just not liking the blinds. They don’t actually do the job they need to. There are big gaps in between each and the material is very flimsy so the sun beams through and the sun also comes through the gaps. The material is already tattered.

The landlord does not have much direct contact as a management company oversees the property. It is disappointing as it is a lovely flat and probably considered luxury. We pay a high rent so the blinds fitted are not in line with the rest of the apartment.

But I feel you may be right that the landlord doesn’t mind about tenants being unhappy as we are easy to replace. There is a high turnover in the building and we haven’t been here that long.

maybe he does not know that the quality is poor, if someone else organised it