Is it right to accept 3 adults in a 2 bedroom flat?

Our advert states 2 adults required for 2 bedroom first floor flat. The applicant is a working single mother who will be signing the contract but has 2 adult teenage children who will be going to Uni in Jan 24 and back on holidays. In the meantime they will be staying with mum till they go to Uni. Will you suggest that I will need a guarantor to be sure she will be able to pay bills in the future? And shall I include both adult teenagers names when mother signs the contract? Is this acceptable and is there such thing as a law or restrictions for over crowding in a flat considering all H& S in a flat? Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you

If there is a separate lounge then it wouldnt be overcrowded. I would have the children as named Permitted Occupiers as they presumably wont be contributing to the rent.

I dont usually take guarantors, but its up to you. Just make sure you fully reference and credit check her.

Thank you David for your advise. There is a separate Lounge/dinner . Regards

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