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Is there a Notification enabling option for mobile

Hi All.

I wonder if anyone knows if there is a notification option offered via the OpenRent Community portal.

By this I mean… On some websites there is this small bell icon you can click and that creates notification alerts that pop up on your mobile phone whenever your alert specifications have been met. It’s a very neat feature I find useful because it proactively alerts me of the types of topics being discussed and whether I can contribute; rather than having to launch the community site to manually refresh and track updates.

Hi Saagar,

Yes it’s possible to set up notifications! New users are prompted to allow them when they first use the site.

If you declined at that point, then you can:

  • click your profile picture on the top right of your screen
  • click the little settings cog icon
  • click notifications on the left nav bar
  • edit your notification settings

You will also probably be getting emails when people reply to your posts.

Hope that helps! So glad you’re finding the Community useful.


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