Is there such a thing as too many repairs?

Hello, I am a new landlord and have a current tenant who is asking for repairs nearly every week.
I can understand if it’s wear and tear but the things that are breaking were absolutely fine before he moved in, he’s only been there since July and I seem to have replaced almost everything. Is this fair grounds for eviction?

replaced such as what?

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Sometimes it’s a blessing when a tenant asks for a lot of repairs because it means they’re looking after the place and treating it like theirs. It can also mean the previous tenant just didn’t care about certain damaged items but you do also get tenants who are a pain and over do it.
You give landlords/ladies a good name and I hope this tenant appreciates that you’re trying to make them comfortable but i wouldnt go as far as evicting them if they’re paying rent on time. Give it more time and if its small issues just tell them sort it out. I think landlords should sort out major issues but not everything is an emergency. The best sort of tenants to have are ones good at DIY! Good luck