Tenant damage and repairs

I need some advice, I don’t know whether an eviction is required or not.
Probably I will make my own decisions after writing this because it will be clear to me then, however I would appreciate others views.

The tenant works away most weeks and usually forgets to pay the rent.
I like to be on top of this and I remind him and get it late often with a £15 surcharge if its 7 days late.

Its annoying to have to remind a 40+ year old that rent is due, and Ive allowed him to pay at the end of the month, which has not helped.

Last week the neighbour was woken up by loud banging which was the neighbours friend breaking into the house.

The next day, they could see this was the case.

I heard about this from the neighbour and rang the.tenant who.said.he is having it fixed as he knows about it.

And not to worry .

I can wait and see if it gets fixed and can evict him.
Not evict.

Eviction is not always easy and can take a long time and costly.

I appreciate others comments

As this is criminal damage you should demand it be be fixed immediately or you will call the Police.

I would evict if I had the possibility. This could easily escalate into a proper issue.

Make sure you do an inspection and document any “wear and tear” prior to issuing notice as it is likely this tenant will cause criminal damage when annoyed.

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You need to get it fixed yourself if they don’t do it immediately as it’s a security risk and a breach of the legislation. You can bill the tenant for the work.

Incidently, a surcharge of £15 for late rent of 7 days is likely an illegal fee under the Tenant Fees Act. The amount that can be charged is very limited.

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