Is trust a forgotten concept?

I have been searching for the best part of a decade for a self contained 1 bedroom or large studio flat in the areas of either London, Essex, Brighton or Hove and I am having no luck whatsoever, you may be thinking approximately 10 years to find a flat, that’s ridiculous and you would be right, it’s not that I am fussy or anything but…
I am on Benefits entitled to full HB/LHA and have 3 beautiful rescue cats who are my world and to cap it all I am a 46 year old man with no family anymore to act as a guarantor, and with the 3 friends in the areas I have listed above I wish to be closer to them as I have found a lot of problems integrating in Devon where I currently “exist”
As well as relocating to be closer to friends I am wanting to seek treatment for an ongoing health issue where the said therapies are not available in the south west.
Although I cannot provide a guarantor I can provide an outstanding reference from my current landlord who’s property I have been in since 2009 and have a considerable amount of money saved to which I would be happy to hand over to a genuine caring landlord.
I have also formed a financial plan to minimise the damage caused by the wait for the HB claim to go live, I try my very best, but I am loosing hope but after 10 years of trying to improve my situation I don’t want to give up now, so I am seeking contact with a landlord via here hoping to find a flat that can be rented over a long term period ( I am not planning on moving again once settled) so I am seeking a safe environment to make a home in
So the question I ask is trust a forgotten concept these days?

If however you would like a considerate,quiet honest man who is a non drinker and doesn’t take drugs then please drop me a line for more details about my financial plans to reimburse you during the interim period between letting and the HB/LHA claim to go live.

I can be reached on 07956025118
or my email :

I hope someone sees this message and thinks they can help me, that good nature still exists.

you sound like a decent chap. If a landlord reads this you will get an offer

Thank you, that is most kind of you to say, and dealing with agencies is very difficult as I don’t tend to meet there “criteria” so I have more or less run out of options and “thinking outside of the box” and places like this is becoming my only other option, so if you know of anyone please pass my details on.

Thank you Colin3 very much.

Darius I am up North so dont know anyone in the area you are looking at. if you are willing to pay a decent up front rent ,that should go a long way to influence a landlord. The downside will be the pets as many landlords wont have pets in their properties. Keep looking on openrent.

Bless you, hope you find somewhere soon.
It’s very sad as there are a couple of other people on here looking too and failing referencing.
I said elsewhere, it just goes to show all these laws to protect tenants are actually stopping (right now, three people just on this site at the current time) from being able to get anywhere.
We took in three separate lots of tenants on trust (for the main part) and was let down by them and now paying the price.
Sadly, landlords are on their own if things go wrong and are having to take more and more precautions to prevent this happening.
Your post and those of the other two posters saddens me on more than one level.
Good luck. Our rental up north too, but live south so if I hear of anything will let you know.

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